Love and Hope Foundation, Inc. (LAHF) is community-based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in Tampa, Florida that was established in 2000 to obtain and sustain funding for the development and administration of programs that improve the opportunities to promote the educational and psychological welfare of underprivileged students in Title 1 schools. Since its establishment in 2000, L&HF has served over 3,000 students and seven Title 1 schools.

Since its inception, L&HF has met the needs of at-risk students in Title 1 school system by incorporating language development, reading skills, student empowerment, parent involvement and innovative and motivational learning techniques into its program experiences. These elements provide a healthy learning environment for students and families that are speakers of other languages or with language deficiency.

The foundation is a collaboration of a culturally of culturally diverse group of professionals who form the Board of Directors and are committed to improving the lives of children in their community. These individuals graciously volunteer their time, efforts and energies to support and maintain the organization through joint planning on projects and future funding, as well as prospective charitable contributions. Through their strong drive and passion towards the vision and mission of the foundation, the members continue to preserve a strong rapport within their community through networking and the development of personal relationships with businesses and individuals.

We believe that we can make a difference one school and one student at a time. We have the right formula for success and with our generous sponsors continue to provide services that help close the student achievement gap.

Our plans are to continue to expand our services and obtain resources that make us a driving force within our communities to improve the opportunities for underprivileged children to achieve academic success in schools.

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