Love and Hope Foundation Inc. is accepting application for the “Educator of the Year Award”



The Love and Hope Foundation (LAHF) measures success by the number of underprivileged children served. Our services have assisted numerous local school and hundreds of students within our communities. Through our support are able to offer programs such as summer school and special literacy initiatives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the opportunities of underprivileged children to succeed in school. This is accomplished by providing resources to schools in the Tampa bay and surrounding areas to implement support programs and scholarships.


To become a driving force in the Tampa Bay area that will improve the opportunities for underprivileged children to achieve academic success in school.

    • Collaborate with local public schools on student achievement gaps that need to be eliminated.
    • Promote and support research in the development of improvement programs, academic projects and a school-to-home connection.
    • Serve as a forum to foster discussion among diverse groups in the community leading to innovative solutions to facilitate sponsorships and implementation of programs.
    • Educate the community on and become and advocate for the imperative need of nurturing our local students and schools in order to sustain a successful academic culture.
    • Foster a healthy, friendly learning environment that will stimulate each child’s abilities in school.
    • Obtain resources for implementation of programs    geared towards student achievement at local schools.
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